Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Spa Day, Jack Daniels and MO visitors!

It was a crazy fun weekend!  Even though I was sick the entire time, and still recovering, I had a great time.  Friday started off with me calling in.  I was sick, and had absolutely no voice.  My friend said to me, let's have a spa day, you don't need a voice for a spa day!  She couldn't have been more right :)  We got pedi's and our hair done and killed 2 bottles of wine.  This was all before 4:00!  

After the spa day we headed to the bar.  Probably shouldn't have done that on my part considering I was still sick and still had not voice.  But eh, what the hell?!?!  I never get out any more.  

After a long night of snow and Jack Daniels, I finally got home around 2 am and crawled into bed next to my snoring husband.  I knew our friends would be here early the next day, and I was excited to see them!  

Saturday morning, Tony, Shelby, Wyatt and Cody rolled in around 11 am.  It was our first time meeting baby Wyatt who was born a month and a half before Rylan.  He is absolutely precious.  He is such a happy baby (and a wiggle worm! lol).  Uncle Josh got to hold him (Rylan got mad when I did).

We spent Saturday shopping most of the day.  I bought the most amazing thigh high boots.  They are so sexy, and I can't wait to wear them when Josh takes me out for our anniversary (which is tomorrow!  CRAZY).  Shelby also got a hot pair of heels.  Our husbands sure are lucky to have such beautiful women on their arm!  lol  When we finally got home, pizza in hand, the babies were EXHAUSTED.   We laid them down next to each other...

...and all was peaceful for about 3 mins.  Then Daddy made a face at Wyatt to get him to laugh, and Rylan got REALLY mad!!!  

Wyatt, being the sweetheart that he is, laid his hand on Rylan to comfort him.  I wish I would've caught that shot, because it was so incredibly precious.  

William got a taste of what it was like to take care of 2 babies this weekend.  He was a big help in the car on Sunday when we were in Milwaukee.  He sat in between both babies, and fed one, and entertained the other.  We couldn't have asked for a better helper!  

All in all it was a great week and weekend!  I'm looking forward to some down time this weekend, mainly to get caught up on laundry and cleaning and rest.  I think I'm still recovering from Friday night...lol

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Be careful w/your words...

A friend of mine talked today about the realization and effect words have.  Think before you speak, remember that words have a lasting effect.  I seem to forget this all too often, even though I've been reminded, at times cruelly.  Sometimes I don't think about the things that come out of my mouth to my son, or my husband, or anyone.  I know that I've said hurtful words to everyone.  Words that I can never take back.  I was slapped in the face 3 1/2 years ago with my words, and I swore I'd be more careful from then on out.  Going thru old blogs that I've written, I'm grateful to have come across this particular one.  It reminded me that you never know what's going to happen.  Don't leave people with hateful words.  The world can be a cruel place.  Before I met Josh, I went thru a very bad break up.  A break up that led to other things, and eventually meeting Josh.  But during the grieving process of this break up, I said horrible things.  I wished horrible things.  In my head I hated him.  And I said it as often as I could.  I was very angry and bitter.  Then one day I got the call, he had been in an accident, and by God's good grace, had lived thru it.  I wrote a blog that night about it, and sent it to him in an email.  And going back and reading it tonight, I'm reminded once again to mind my words.  To treat others how I want to be treated.  To pull my children and my husband into my arms every day and remind them how much they mean to me.  To not take them for granted for one single second.  To think before I speak, and to never let them think for a second that they mean anything less than the world to me.  Because they are my life and I love them with all I have.

This blog is from September 2007 and will forever be a reminder to me that life is too short, and anything can happen at any given moment.

I thank God...

thank God everyday for alot of things.  My family and friends, my job, roof over our heads, food on the table..
But today I thanked God for something bigger.  I thanked God for your life.  I thanked him that you weren't hurt more then what you were.  I thanked him for sparing your life...again.  I thanked him for not taking you from us.  Coz no one is ready for you to NOT be here. 
I know I've been angry w/you.  I know I said some harsh things.  I'm just glad that I've been given another chance to leave you with nicer words.  coz you never know what will happen. 
So here goes:  I wish you nothing but happiness.  I hope one day you find love.  I hope that you live your life to the fullest.  I have no regrets.  You were a big part of who I am today.  I will always be grateful for the time that we had. 
The world isn't ready to let you go yet.  Heal quickly...
You're in my thoughts and prayers.

I am grateful for this reminder tonight, and will be waking my sleeping husband up to tell him how much I love him.  Let us not forget how deeply words can hurt.

Love to all my family and friends!  


Sunday, January 9, 2011

365 day FAIL

Ok, so I totally fail at the 365 day project...at least on this site I do!  I just don't have enough time during the week to keep up w/it.  I have an album on FB, in which I will post a picture a day, w/a short description.  I think on here, I'm just going to do one a week, w/a short story that goes w/the picture.  And maybe a run down of the week past.

Nothing much happened last week.  William went back to school on Tuesday and his basketball games resumed on Friday night.  Work is work...I hate leaving Rylan.  It's gotten easier, but it still sucks every time I walk out the door.

Today was a chill day w/my 2 boys.  Josh had drill, so I just relaxed w/William and Rylan all day.  We watched 17 Again which was a cute movie.  Rylan refuses to nap, so he's been a little crabby the last hour or so.  But now he's down on his mat playing and having a blast!

The boys cuddled a little while watching the movie.  I love to watch William w/Rylan.  He is such a great big brother, and so gentle with him.  These 2 boys are my entire world, and I couldn't ask for more.

Rylan is so big!  We went to the doctor on Monday and he is as big at 2 months as William was at 5 months!  R - 16 lbs 11 oz, 25 in, W- 16 lbs 9 oz, 25 1/2 in.  I can't believe how big my baby is!  lol  

That's all I got for now.  I suppose I should start dinner since the hubby just text me that he was on his way home.  I really would just like to catch up on my book, but hungry boys want to eat.  

Sunday, January 2, 2011

365 day 2

Day 2 ~ 1/2/11

Rylan & Mommy - this was the only way I could get him to nap today.  Only me, and if I laid him down, he would instantly wake up.  This went on from 2 pm till 930 pm.  The most he stayed down was 30 mins at around 430.  It is now 1021, and I hear him making noised thru the monitor.  I finally got him in his crib and I am hoping he sleeps thru the night.  If he wakes up and wants Mommy, screw it, he's going in our bed coz I am EXHAUSTED!  lol

I love Rylan cuddles though and can't really complain :)


365 day 1

1/1/11 Day 1

Daddy & Rylan 

First photo taken of the New Year.  A new adventure for Josh being a Daddy.  And practically new for me...it's been 12 years since I've done this!  Rylan sure does love his Daddy though, and is always happy to chill with him.  Even when Daddy is hung over from the fun times of NYE!  

New Year!

Welcome 2011!

I am crazy excited about this year.  So many changes just coming into 2011.  2010 was pretty spectacular, and I really have no complaints about the past year.  Our biggest blessing, obviously, was the birth of our gorgeous son Rylan.  He was born on October 26, 2010 at 5:35 PM 9lbs 8oz 21.5 in.  BIG BOY!  

To start this year off, Josh got a new job.  He'll be home more, no more crazy ass hours.  He won't have to deal with the ridiculous employees that he had and have to cover every single shift because no one can show up and of course no one can cover for anyone.  He is working for an airline now (Frontier), and super excited.  He starts January 10th.

As for me, I of course am still at my same job which I love.  Well...I love for the most part.  lol  

We had a wonderful holiday.  Mom & Dad were here again this year, and it was so special.  I'm so glad that they got to be here for Rylan's first Christmas.  What a blessing.  Dad left on December 27, as he has trips planned, but Mom is staying till the end of February.  Her and Rylan are bonding, and Rylan sure does love his Mum :)

Gonna start this year doing a 365 day picture project, which I'm really excited about.  A picture a day, with a short story/description.  I will upload yesterday's today, and later on do today.  I'm interested to see how much we all change come next year!

Hope everyone had a wonderful and safe New Year!