Sunday, January 9, 2011

365 day FAIL

Ok, so I totally fail at the 365 day least on this site I do!  I just don't have enough time during the week to keep up w/it.  I have an album on FB, in which I will post a picture a day, w/a short description.  I think on here, I'm just going to do one a week, w/a short story that goes w/the picture.  And maybe a run down of the week past.

Nothing much happened last week.  William went back to school on Tuesday and his basketball games resumed on Friday night.  Work is work...I hate leaving Rylan.  It's gotten easier, but it still sucks every time I walk out the door.

Today was a chill day w/my 2 boys.  Josh had drill, so I just relaxed w/William and Rylan all day.  We watched 17 Again which was a cute movie.  Rylan refuses to nap, so he's been a little crabby the last hour or so.  But now he's down on his mat playing and having a blast!

The boys cuddled a little while watching the movie.  I love to watch William w/Rylan.  He is such a great big brother, and so gentle with him.  These 2 boys are my entire world, and I couldn't ask for more.

Rylan is so big!  We went to the doctor on Monday and he is as big at 2 months as William was at 5 months!  R - 16 lbs 11 oz, 25 in, W- 16 lbs 9 oz, 25 1/2 in.  I can't believe how big my baby is!  lol  

That's all I got for now.  I suppose I should start dinner since the hubby just text me that he was on his way home.  I really would just like to catch up on my book, but hungry boys want to eat.  

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