Thursday, July 22, 2010

Nothing like...

Nothing like sending my ex husband into my house when we're not home...and the house being messy!!!  lol

Had to send him in to get Williams sleeping bag since they're going camping.  William couldn't reach it because it was on the top of his closet, so the ex went in.  

And of course, the dishes weren't done, there was laundry on the floor since I was in the middle of doing it.  I can only imagine what he was thinking, "ha!  She is a horrible housekeeper!"  

Eh, oh well, I just find it humorous that the one time the house is messy, he had to go in.  lol


  1. He doesn't deserve to see it clean. That is for you and your family. So really YAY!! It was a mess and he got to see it that way hahah

  2. lol - turns out he didn't go in :) Finally had enough energy this weekend TO clean, so it all got done and I feel GREAT!!!