Friday, August 6, 2010

Thank you baby Rylan

For the constant insomnia, heartburn and bruising inside!  lol

29 weeks down, 10ish more to go.  It can't come soon enough.  Not only am I ridiculously excited to hold my lil peanut, but I'm not gonna lie, I absolutely can NOT wait to be able to sleep in whatever position I want, and to be able to move normal again!!!  I had forgotten what being pregnant was like.  To go to sleep with no heartburn would be lovely.  Actually, to go to sleep at all would be welcome at this point!  lol  

We are moving in 2 weeks, another thing I can't wait for.  I'm ready for his nursery to be put together :)  We got all his furniture, quite a steal I might add.  Crib, dresser & changing table for $200 at the PX.  SWEET!!!  We got the mattress, the pack n play, his bedding set and tonz of clothes.  I'm so excited to set everything up!  Next thing on the list is car seat and then just the little stuff like diapers, bottles, powder, wipes, ect.

Not only am I excited about his arrival (obviously), and my parents arrival (YAY!), but I absolutely can not wait to have 6 weeks away from the office!!!!  Sure, I'll be tired and up at night w/baby boy, but I don't care!  I can stay in PJ's and not have to worry about a damn thing when it comes to that place!  I am ecstatic about this.  Probably more than I should be lol.

Really looking forward to Mom & Dad being here for Rylan's 1st Thanksgiving and Christmas.  Even though Dad is going back right after Christmas, Mom is staying till the end of February.  They are so selfless it's amazing to me.  I truly am blessed to have them as parents.

Ok, gonna try this sleep thing (again) and see how far I get...

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