Sunday, June 20, 2010

Great Fathers Day!

The whole weekend has been wonderful.  Today is father's day, and even though Rylan isn't born yet, I already know Josh is going to be an amazing father.  He is the best step dad to William that I ever could have asked for.  I wanted to make this day special for him, so I had lots planned.  It started off with a big breakfast, he loves that because he usually works weekends so he misses out on those a lot!  After dropping off William to his Dad's house,  Josh and I headed home to relax (which included me taking a nap!  lol ).  Early evening I surprised Josh by taking him to his very favorite restaurant, Claim Jumper.  I've never been there, but omg, it was good!  We had steak, lobster, ribs and roasted chicken.  There was so much food, I swear I'm in a food coma now!

On a different note, I definitely got sunburned in more places yesterday!  OUCH!  No matter how much sun screen I used, it never fails that I get burnt to a crisp.  It hurts to wear a bra :(  It's not as bad as last years burn, but still hurts.

Hope all the fathers out there had a wonderful day!  I sure wish my Daddy could've joined us today :(  I uber miss him on days like today.

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