Saturday, June 19, 2010

Summerific Weekend!!

It's only Saturday and it has been a wonderful weekend so far! Josh got home a night early from AT so we got to see him last night. Up early this morning for an 830 baseball game for William. It was hot as heck, but so much fun. The game was GREAT, even though they lost by 1 :( It lasted 7 innings and 3 hours! Got a lot of sun while I was there and the baby was quite active. Deb & Deborah both got to feel him kick a lot.

After the game had lunch with lil man and did some grocery shopping. Headed home to get ready for an afternoon by the pool. His friend Corey came over, and the unit actually released the soldiers early today so Josh was able to join us. Rylan loved it when I was in the water. He was kickin like CRAZY! Water was cool, perfect after being in the sun :)

It's 5:00 now, and we're all showered and chilling. Doing some laundry and cooking some yummy stuffed pork chops. Can't wait till Father's Day tomorrow, I got a HUGE surprised planned for Josh ; ) Even though William is going to his Dad's for a few hours tomorrow, we will be having a big breakfast in the morning :)

Hope everyone's weekend is just as enjoyable as ours has been!

(Except for the sunburn on ONE ear...definitely NOT enjoyable! lol)

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