Friday, November 12, 2010

Welcome Rylan Nelson Dickerson

Rylan Nelson Dickerson joined us in this world on October 26, 2010 @ 5:35 pm, weighing 9lbs 8 oz and 21.5 in.  One of the most happiest moments of my life.  He is almost 3 weeks old now, and is such a good baby.  He sleeps pretty much thru the night, only waking once to eat.  He hardly cries, and is always smiling.  He absolutely loves his Daddy time, and seems in awe of his big brother, William.  Who in turn, seems to be in awe of baby Rylan.

Baby came out with a head full of hair, I guess that explains the heartburn!  When they broke my water, the doctor said almost 2 gallons of fluid came out.  I went from looking 10 months pregnant, to like 5 months!  lol  I didn't realize how huge I was until I went back and looked at pictures.  Holy Moly!  I don't remember being that big with William.

It was a fine delivery up until the very end when they couldn't stop the bleeding.  He was already out, but I don't remember much, I was so delirious.  I do know that they almost had to do an emergency hysterectomy but the doctor was finally able to get the bleeding under control.  Unfortunately, since history seems to repeat itself with my hemorrhaging, any children in the future are probably unlikely.  We wanted to try for one more when Rylan was like 3, but it doesn't seem like a good idea.  The doctor said we can re-visit the idea when we're ready, but it could be a big risk with my life.  I think that we're just gonna call it now, and stop here.  We have our little angel, and our family feels complete finally.  William is a big brother just like he always wanted, and Josh is a Daddy :)  And I get a 2nd chance at doing this whole parenting thing the right way.  I was so young when I had William, that I feel I not only missed out on a lot, but didn't do things the way I would now.  I'm lucky though to have such a great kid.  He is going to be an awesome big brother!  He's already talking about things he wants to do when Rylan is old enough - like coaching tee ball for him :)

Things are going great on the home front for us.  I head back to work on November 29...NOT looking forward to that!  I'm gonna miss this lil guy soooo much.  It's not going to be easy at all :(

Josh recently was promoted to SGT, and I am so incredibly proud of him.  He has been waiting for this promotion, and he totally deserved it.  No talk of deployment anytime soon, so keep your fingers crossed!  

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