Thursday, February 10, 2011

30 Days of Me Day 1

Ok, so I failed big time at the 365 day project...gonna try this one!  lol  We'll see how far I get.

30 Days of Me Day 1

A recent picture of you and 15 interesting facts about yourself.

1)  Purple and silver are my favorite colors
2)  I am addicted to coffee.  
3)  I'm a total routine gal.  
4)  I'm a cover hog in bed.
5)  I love to read anything and everything
6)  I have an unnatural obsession w/shoes and makeup
7)  I keep trying to quit smoking, but it always creeps back into my life
8)  I have massive road rage
9)  I am totally OCD about my house.  Everything has it's place, and it damn sure better be in it!
10) I'm not a girly girl.  I prefer sweats, gym shoes and a sweat shirt over heels and a skirt any day
11)  I drop my phone at least twice a day.
12)  I am so ticklish that I can hardly sit through a massage, and forget a foot rub!
13)  My guilty pleasure is General Hospital
14)  I play w/my hair when I'm nervous
15)  I absolutely love my career 

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  1. Wow!! It looks like its gonna be hard doing this for 30 days...but i know you can do Im tempted to do it too but i wouldnt even know where to begin to start a blog. one day. :) good luck and ill be reading..